Nursing Units

Inpatient Care is provided by DMC Huron Valley- Sinai Hospital for patients of all ages with a wide range of medical needs.

The Med-Surg, Critical Care Department is comprised of a 10 bed critical care unit, a step down/ progressive care unit, two medical surgical units and an observation unit.  Each unit provides 24 hour nursing care to the population of the hospital. 

Our Departments

2 West (Observation Unit)
2 Pavilion
3 East
3 West
Women's, Infant's and Children's Services
Emergency Department
Charach Cancer Center




The Critical Care Department consists of Intensive Care, Intermediate Critical Care and Progressive Care



Our ICU is a 10 bed unit with a focus on the patient with high risk and life threatening conditions. Frequent clinical presentations are acute coronary syndrome, respiratory failure, sepsis, multi-system organ failure and complex surgical cases. Therapies and processes include: continuous cardiac monitoring, complex medication regimens, invasive pressure monitoring, ventilator management and other types of invasive, diagnostic and/or treatment modalities. We participate in the MHA Keystone project for patient safety and quality.   A registered nurse who is advance cardiac life support certified and successfully completed the critical care orientation is responsible for the professional nursing care of the critical patient population in collaboration with a Medical Intensivist.  The Intensivist is responsible for the medical management and coordination of care provided to the patient. Multidisciplinary rounds are conducted daily to determine the daily plan of care for the patient.  This team is committed to excellence and high quality patient care within a nurturing environment that promotes an evidence-based culture.    


Our IMCU is a six bed intermediate level intensive care unit where care is provided to seriously ill patients.  The patients have multiple medical problems and many times patients who no longer need intensive level of care are transitioned into the IMCU. The care of these patients is managed by a Nurse Practitioner in collaboration with the Medical Intensivist from the ICU.  Therapies provided in the IMCU include: continuous cardiac monitoring, invasive monitoring, rapid assessment, mechanical ventilation, and frequent medication administration.   The direct care is provided by a Registered Nurse who has been trained in the Critical Care unit and who has advanced cardiac life support certification.  The Patient Care Associate provides direct care including hygiene and activities of daily living under the direction of the Registered Nurse.




2 West

2 West is a 25 bed Progressive Care telemetry unit. Patients frequently cared for on 2 West include post cardiac catheterization, chest pain, post surgical patients requiring more frequent monitoring, and stroke patients.  The therapies provided include: continuous cardiac monitoring, intravenous medication administration and post cardiac catheterization care.  

The direct care is provided by a Registered Nurse who is advanced cardiac life support certified in collaboration with the patient’s primary care physician. The Patient Care Associate assists in providing the hygiene and activity care under the direction of the Registered Nurse.


2 Pavilion

2 Pavilion is a 21 bed Medical-Surgical Unit at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.  2 Pavilion is best known for our proficiency in caring for post operative Orthopedic and Neurosurgery patients as well as Urology, Bariatric and General Surgery patients.  The unit RN staff is competent in cardiac arrhythmia interpretation for the patients that require cardiac telemetry. The unit has the ability to monitor the cardiac status of six patients at a time.  2 Pavilion is staffed with Registered Nurses, Patient Care Associates and Unit Clerks who work in collaboration with Patients and Families, Physicians, Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, Physical and Occupational Therapists and Respiratory Therapists to provide a patient-centered, interdisciplinary approach to care. The Rehabilitation Department is located within the unit to optimize therapy and decrease wait times for our patients who require therapy. 

We are committed to patient safety, clinical excellence, service excellence, and continuous learning. Our nurses become experts in mobility, pain control, patient education, communication and motivation. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care to all of our customers in a friendly, patient-centered manner and to make the post-surgical hospital stay as beneficial, informative, and comfortable as possible. Nursing care is outcome-focused and includes: pain management, prevention of post-surgical complications, medication teaching and discharge planning. Discharge teaching is patient centered and can include family and significant others. An interdisciplinary approach is utilized in meeting the assessed needs of the patient and prioritizing care to achieve successful outcomes through the utilization of accepted standards of care. 

Orthopaedic nurses are professional nurses who have successfully passed their RN licensure boards. Many of our nurses have become Orthopaedic Nurse Certified (ONC) which indicates proficiency within the specialty and is the only credential that documents expertise in the practice of orthopaedic nursing.  In addition, we have a number of nurses who hold specialty certification in Med-Surg (BS-NC) and Geriatrics (GNC). 


3 East

3 East is a 25-bed Medical and Surgical unit that offers high quality services in a safe and caring environment. Registered nurses provide care to adult patients and families dealing with medical conditions related to Oncology, Hospice, Pulmonology, Diabetes, and Wounds. The unit works in partnership with the Charach Cancer Treatment Center, the Karmanos Cancer Hospital, and local Hospice organizations to provide continuity of care for oncology patients whose outpatient treatments are interrupted by hospitalization. 

The nurses possess a broad knowledge base, which is used to monitor trends and detect subtle changes in patients. They care for patients with acute conditions, chronic illness, varying degrees of acuity and a wide variety of disease categories.  The unit RN staff is competent in cardiac arrhythmia interpretation for patients who require cardiac telemetry. The unit has the ability to monitor the cardiac status of six patients at a time.  The nurses work in partnership with patients and families, Physicians, Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, Social Workers, Physical and Occupational Therapists,  Respiratory Therapists, Patient Care Associates (PCAs,) and Unit Clerks to provide an interdisciplinary approach to care. 

Medical Surgical nurses are professional nurses who have successfully passed their RN licensure boards. Many of our nurses are credentialed in Chemotherapy.  These nurses are proficient in the delivery of chemotherapy, treatment of side effects, and monitoring for adverse reactions as well as the assessment of implanted ports.   

3 West


3 West is a 22 bed Cardiac and Medical-Surgical Observation Unit at Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital.  The patients cared for by this highly qualified team come from the Emergency Department, Surgical Services or as direct placement from physician offices.  The nursing staff is proficient in caring for the post surgical patient, patients requiring pain management therapies, medical patients requiring observation prior to and post procedures, as well as the low risk chest pain population. 3 West provides an environment in which patients can receive timely diagnostic testing and interventions as needed. The unit is staffed with Registered Nurses, Patient Care Associates and Unit Clerks. We are committed to providing a compassionate, healing and safe environment. 

Our multidisciplinary team works in partnership with our patients and their families. Our governance structure includes evidence-based and best practice initiatives to improve patient outcomes and quality care. The Goals of the Department are to build a work environment that leads to employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction, increased throughput, high quality patient care services and most of all providing a safe environment for our patients and families. 



Women's, Infant's and Children's Services

“Every mother deserves skilled, knowledgeable care and treatment, delivered in a beautiful environment that combines comfort with state-of-the art capabilities."

This is the vision of our nurses, doctors and other staff at the Merle and Shirley Harris Birthing Center at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital. Our professional team of nurses collaborates with doctors to provide a safe and personalized experience in our birth center designed with 29 private rooms offering labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum and newborn care. If surgical intervention is required, the operating room is located centrally on the unit with mothers returning to recovery in a private suite with baby at their bedside.  

Our nurses embrace an active interest in the anticipated needs of our patients and families throughout the childbearing experience. Our care responds to the unique needs of each family.  Established teams of nurses facilitate evidence based improvements care in care from childbirth preparation through postpartum. Some examples of team interests include Labor Management,” “Breastfeeding Support,” “Holistic Nursing,” “Infant Safety,” and Perinatal Mood Disorders”.  In the event of pregnancy or newborn death, the Help Understanding Grief Support (H.U.G.S.) Perinatal Loss team provides support to families and staff wherever the loss occurs.  All staff are invited to participate in monthly Unit Practice Meetings to actively participate in the “business” of managing our unit.   All nurses participate in ongoing education including fetal monitoring and neonatal resuscitation certification.  

The Critical Care Nursery is dedicated to providing the highest quality evidenced based care to our babies and their families. We are staffed by experienced neonatal nurses and neonatologists along with pediatricians with special training in transition care. We provide care in the CCN from the tiniest premature infants to critically ill newborns utilizing state of the art equipment.    

No two babies who pass through our nursery are the same. Each baby is unique and the staff prides themselves on customizing the baby’s and family’s care accordingly.  Babies spend as little as a few hours to many months in our unit. During this time our many goals include developmentally supportive care, optimal growth and development, ongoing family support, preparation and readiness for discharge. We comply with National Safety goals and American Academy of Pediatric recommendations. Some of which include decreasing catheter related blood stream infections, decreasing ventilator associated pneumonias, safe sleep and car seat safety. 

Beyond birth, specially trained pediatric nurses provide family centered care for children from birth through age 17 in our Pediatric Unit.  The comfort, physical care and developmental needs of every child are a major concern of our caring, kid-friendly nurses. The nursing staff on this unit has Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification. Staff members of the three units respect each other’s unique contributions.  We have a culture of teamwork and caring, with staff members offering help to each other and support through the life continuum, affirming each other’s good work and understanding that on any given day each brings the best they have to each other and to their patients.

DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Emergency Department provides services on a 24-hour, seven day/week basis. The Emergency Department services approximately 34,000 patients annually, focusing on adults, pediatrics, acute and chronic illnesses and traumatic injuries. Approximately 25 percent of all patients seen are admitted. HVSH has active affiliations with nursing schools and other health professional schools and is a site for emergency medicine residency training through Wayne State University. Additionally, we are active in community outreach to provide education to the public. 

The Emergency Department is staffed by highly competent Emergency Nurses, Emergency Technicians and Clerical Associates who work as a team with our Board Certified Emergency Physician staff to meet the needs of our patients and their families. This department offers patients the 29-Minute Guarantee. We have pledged to have all patients seen by the Emergency Physician within 29 minutes of arrival. 

RN’s must have Michigan Licensure, Emergency Services orientation, ongoing mandatory in-services, BLS-C, ACLS, TNCC and ENPC. Other related competencies include bio-hazard/bio-terrorism certifications and initiatives, and NIH stroke scale certification. CEN certification and Emergency Nurses Association membership is encouraged. 

The Goals of Emergency Services are focused on continuing to maintain our high quality patient care services. 

In the Emergency Department, our governance structure includes evidence-based activities to improve patient outcomes and quality of care. The unit works to create a practice environment that encourages critical thinking. The Emergency Department has an active Practice Council Committee, using shared governance and participation of staff members in organizational and managerial decision-making processes. The benefits of this model encourages an environment that promotes critical thinking, supports autonomous decision making, and is nurtured within the organization. Other staff lead committees include, Customer Service, ED Tech Council, ED Trauma Committee and Staffing and Scheduling Committee.  

Surgery Department


The operating room at HVSH is a dynamic unit where some of the best and brightest health care professional come together to provide the surgical patient a safe , nurturing and highly skilled environment.  Their eight operating rooms offer the most up to dated, cutting edge technology in health care.  The surgical team comes together to provide a positive outcome for their patients.

The Registered nurses in the HVSH operating room are a specialized group that bring advanced degrees, certifications and up to 35 years of experience. On average, our nurses have 15 years of experience in the OR.  The RNs are ACLS prepared RNs and many are certified in Post Anesthesia care.  We follow the American Society of PeriAnesthesia standards of caring for our patients with a 2:1 ratio (patients:RN).  Both the POCU and PACU and Pre-Admission Testing RNs, Unit clerks and Patient Care Associates work collaboratively with the other surgical services employees and Surgeons/anesthesiologists to provide safe, quality care to the patient while keeping the patient and the family updated and involved in the care. They are very proud of their profession and it is their priority to deliver the highest quality care possible to their patients.  Letters of appreciation and our outstanding Press Ganey scores are evidence of the great care provided.

Endoscopy Department 

The HVSH Endoscopy Department services the inpatient and outpatient population. The unit is staffed by highly trained and caring Registered Nurses and Endoscopy Technicians that specialize in the care of adult patients undergoing endoscopic procedures. The endoscopy team is committed to patient comfort by offering sedation for procedures and maintaining patient dignity during examinations.

The Endoscopy department has four procedure rooms outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, two travel carts are available for staff to perform procedures off of the unit, such as in an Operating Room or at the patient bedside in Intensive Care Unit or Emergency Room. 

The standard of care for each patient procedure performed under anesthesia in the Endoscopy Department calls for a team consisting of a circulating nurse, an assistant (RN or Endoscopy technician), a CRNA and the endoscopist. An anesthesiologist is also assigned to each case and is readily available. The circulating nurse is responsible for coordinating the team effort and acts as the point of contact for all involved in the care of the patient, including the pre-operative and post-anesthesia care staff and other departments, such as radiology, as needed.



Charach Cancer Treatment Center

The Infusion Center at the Charach Cancer Treatment Center provides patients the opportunity to be treated for a wide variety of medical conditions on an outpatient basis. Among the medical specialties that refer patients to the Infusion Center are: Hematology, Medical Oncology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, General Internal Medicine, Neurology and Rheumatology.

Services are limited to adults and provided by knowledgeable experienced nurses who combine clinical excellence with individualized patient care. Our nurses are highly skilled in both peripheral and central venous access and certified in chemotherapy administration. Many of our nurses are certified by the Oncology Nurses Society.

The Charach Cancer Treatment Center offers the area's most advanced cancer treatment all in one convenient location. Programs, treatments and services include: 

Comprehensive Breast Services - Caring and effective preventative and diagnostic cancer services for women and men. We offer mammography, ultrasound, stereotactic breast biopsy, bone density, MRI and nuclear medicine procedures. All mammography films are reviewed by two radiologists, thus it is giving everyone a second opinion automatically. We offer early morning, evening and some Saturday appointments. 

Infusion Center - The Infusion Center at the Charach Cancer Treatment Center provides patients the opportunity to be treated for a wide variety of medical conditions on an outpatient basis. Among the medical specialties that refer patients to the Infusion Center are: Hematology, Medical Oncology, Gastroenterology, Infectious Diseases, General Internal Medicine, Neurology and Rheumatology.

Radiation Therapy - Our advanced treatments include Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT), which allows radiation amounts to be adjusted during treatment to spare close-by normal tissue and permits increased doses of radiation to the tumor. Multi-Leaf Collimator (MLC) allows metal "fingers", controlled by a computer, to filter beams of radiation in a precise pattern for the most effective results. Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital's linear accelerator pinpoints cancer radiation treatment, targeting tumors and sparing healthy tissue.


Cardiology Department

We have a full spectrum cardiology department. We have been treating heart attack patients with stenting from February 2008 with results above national standard. 

Cardiac Catheterization Lab: Besides doing the heart catheterizations, we do electrophysiology cases which includes pacemakers, intracardiac defibrillators (ICDs), & EP studies.  We also do peripheral vascular work which includes opening blocked arteries in the legs. 

Cardiology Department: Stress testing, cardiac echocardiograms. ECG, tilt table studied, EEGs & EMGs are performed in this area for our inpatients and outpatients.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation: We provide inpatient and outpatient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. We also work with CHF patients monitoring them after discharge from the hospital.





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