Cesarean Birth

Evening prior to surgery

You may eat a light healthy meal the night before your surgery. Do not eat or drink anything, including gum and hard candy, after midnight or at least 8 hours before your surgery. Ask your doctor for advice if you are taking any special medicines.

Day of surgery

Please be at the hospital at least two hours before your surgery. During this time, you and your support person will receive information about your private room and the Harris Birthing Center.  After you are settled in your room, your nurse will ask you questions about your health and get you ready for surgery in the following ways:
Start an IV and draw blood work.
  • Give you medication.
  • Discuss what you can expect before, during and after surgery.
  • If time allows, invite family to visit.
  • Take you to the operating room 15 minutes before your surgery time.

Recovery after surgery

Your birth is also a major surgery. You, your baby and support person will return to your room after surgery.  Your nurse will watch you and your baby closely in the following ways:

  • Monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, temperature, and other vital signs.
  • Monitor your baby’s heart rate, breathing, temperature and complete baby’s physical exam.
  • Assist you to hold your baby as soon as possible.
  • Help you with breastfeeding.
  • Help you learn to use a pump to provide pain medication.
  • Place matching identity bands on you and HUGS tags on baby for safety.
  • Check you and your baby for any problems.


Your support person is allowed to remain with you during your entire stay.  A waiting room is available for other family members and friends. They may visit you about 2 hours after your surgery. Regular visiting hours following this first visit are 1 p.m. – 9 p.m. 

After Recovery

  • You and your baby will stay in the hospital for about three days after the surgery.
  • Relief of your pain is a major goal for us.  Good pain relief helps you get better, faster. The best pain relief occurs when you take your pain medicine as often as ordered. Your nurse will talk to you often about this. Let your nurse know as soon as possible if you are having pain.
  • Your nurse will ask you to take deep breaths often and walk soon after surgery. Expect two nurses to walk with you to the bathroom the first two times you are up for safety.
  • Your baby is encouraged to stay with you for your entire stay. At night, your nurse will offer nursery care for your baby so you may rest,
  • Please ask for breastfeeding help at any time.  All of our nurses have special training to help. 
  • Your meal will start out with clear liquids and usually changes to a normal diet quickly. Our menu offers many healthy choices.
  • Your IV is usually removed around 24 hours after your surgery. At this time your pain medication will change to pills.
  • Many family and friends along with health care staff will visit you and your baby during your stay. You will also need lots of private time to learn about your baby and for rest. Please share this with your family.

Health Care Team During Cesarean Birth

A doctor who provides anesthesia (medicine) for your surgery.
CRNA: A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist assists in monitoring and caring for you during the surgery.
OBA: A scrub technician gives the surgeon instruments and supplies during the surgery and helps your nurse.
Pediatrician:  A doctor who specializes in the care of children. The pediatrician is present at the delivery to examine your baby.
Registered Nurses: A Registered Nurse provides ongoing care before, during and after the surgery.

If you have other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call: 248-937-5220.



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