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Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital is committed to the health and well-being of mother and baby – every step of the way. That’s why we’ve been offering ongoing parenting and birth awareness classes for more than ten years, along with a variety of other educational and support services.

A particularly important resource for first-time mothers, our courses are offered through the Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital obstetrics department and are taught by trained health professionals, usually registered nurses with a background of practical experience.

Parenting and Birth Awareness Courses

We offer Online Class Registrations for the classes below:

  1. Bringing Baby Home
    An overview of newborn care such as behavior, nutrition and hygiene, with special attention to safety issues including signs of illness, response to choking and rescue breathing.
  2. Birth Awareness
    Prepares expectant parents to participate in the birthing process, with instruction in the mechanics of labor and birth, as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.
  3. Birth Review
    A review of the birthing process tailored to the needs of women who have had a baby within the last two or three years, with a segment on handling sibling issues.
  4. Big Kids’ Class
    An on-the-scene preview of mom’s upcoming visit to the hospital and what it means, to help siblings adapt to their new role as big sister or brother.
  5. Breast-Feeding Education
    This overview of breast-feeding and its benefits includes instruction on positioning, using a breast pump and storage, and also addresses common questions, concerns and community resources.


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