Visitation Policy

At the Harris Birthing Center, our primary concern is your well-being, and that of your baby. The visiting policy allows us to maintain your security, privacy, safety, comfort, and confidentiality. For this reason, the following policies will be strictly enforced during your stay:

Visiting During Labor:

Each mother-to-be is asked to designate a maximum of (3) support people to coach her through labor. These three people will be provided with an armband that will identify them for staff, and only these three people may enter the labor room. While we have a small waiting area for other family members and friends, it is preferable that only the designated support people accompany you to the hospital. Waiting in the hallways is not permitted, as clear hallways are important for a quick response in emergency situations.

Visiting After the Birth:

Visitors are welcome from 1PM to 9PM. Visitors are asked to remember that new moms are usually excited but tired, and that brief visits are often best. Visitors are also asked to remember that a breastfeeding new mom will need privacy when it is time to nurse the baby.


Siblings are welcome to visit their mom and the new baby during regular visiting hours, under the continuous supervision of an adult. Siblings should not be left in the care of the new mom. No children under the age of 12 (minus siblings) are allowed to visit.

Overnight Visitation:

One person may stay with the new mom and baby overnight through their hospital stay. The purpose of overnight visitation is to allow the family to adjust to its newest member in the hospital setting. For this reason, those families who are planning overnight visitation should plan to keep the baby in their room through the night.

Critical Care Nursery:

Parents and grandparents may visit in the CCN 24 hours a day (except during report or special procedures). Visitors are limited to two at a time. No children are permitted to enter the Critical Care Nursery.

Thank you for your cooperation as we strive to provide the best possible environment for the care of your family!



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