Child Birth Classes


Whether you’re expectant parents for the first time or the fifth, Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital has an array of Family Life Education classes to help you prepare for life with a baby.  Our staff believes the birth experience is shared by the entire family. Many classes are available to prepare you for a positive experience.


Questions regarding any of our classes can be directed to Cindy Willer at (248) 937-3619 or We recommend you register early as our classes fill up quickly.

Hearing impaired assistance provided upon request.

Class 1 (Pre-Pregnancy through 16 weeks of pregnancy )
This class is for women who are planning a pregnancy or newly pregnant.  Learn about “smart” nutrition, healthy activities, share feelings and surprises and tour HVSH Harris Birthing Center.
This class is offered the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

No Fee
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Class 2 (16 weeks through 30 weeks of pregnancy)

This class is for pregnant women in the middle of their pregnancy. Learn clever tips for discomforts, discuss joys and concerns.
This class is offered the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.

No Fee
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Birth Awareness
This class prepares you and your partner to participate in the birthing process. Learn about what to expect during labor and birth including information on relaxation and comfort techniques, and medical interventions such as epidural. This class should be attended during the last three months of pregnancy. This class occurs once a week for 2-3 consecutive weeks. Registration includes mother and a support person.


Fee: $65

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Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes affects more than eight percent of all pregnant women. Treatment includes an appointment with a dietician and educator to improve a meal plan, and may include daily blood glucose testing.
Call (248) 937-5131 for an appointment.


Fee: Covered by most insurances

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Bringing Baby Home

This class offers a close look at the newborn, including behavior, nutrition, hygiene and dress. Safety issues such as signs of sickness, car seat safety, response to choking and rescue breathing also are included. Registration cost includes mother and one support person.
This one-time class is offered in the evenings and on Saturdays.


Fee: $25

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This class covers choking for infants, children and adults, with a focus on infants. You will receive hands-on knowledge and practice of what to do if an emergency happens.  For ages 12 years and up.

This one-time class is offered on Wednesday evenings. If registering for more than two people, call (248) 937-3619 to register.


Fee: $25 per couple.

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Birth Review

If you have had a baby, no matter how long ago, this class is tailored to meet your needs. In one 2-hour session, you’ll review labor breathing techniques, birth, relaxation, visualization, recovery and what to expect with siblings.

To register for this class and for fees, call (248) 937-3619. 

Breastfeeding is “natural” but not easy in the first few weeks after birth. This class offers strategies for comfort and success, from getting started to returning to work.
Registration for this one-time class includes mother and support person.

Classes are offered on Tuesday evenings.

Cradle-side service offers breast pump rental, supplies and sales. Call (248) 937-3800 for more information.


Fee: $25

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Back to Work Breastfeeding Class
How do you talk to your boss and co-workers about breastfeeding?  Do you know how to express and store breast milk?  What will you need to do when you return to work?  These questions and more will be answered in this class. 
New babies are welcome to attend. 
Classes are offered the first Wednesday of every month.


Fee: $10
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Big Kids Class

The sudden change from “baby” to big sister or brother takes explaining; hence, this one-session class. Siblings receive an on-the-scene preview of mom’s visit to Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital and learn what it all means. Using visual aids and dolls, we’ll show right and wrongs of baby handling and give a clear picture of the important part the siblings will play in their growing family. The average age for attending children is three to eight years old.
This class is offered as needed, dates vary. Call (248) 937-3619 for registration details. 

Fee: $10 per child
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Siblings at Birth
This class is uniquely designed for children who will be present at the birth. With physician approval, the class is for children 12 and older.

To register for this class and for fees, call (248) 937-3619.



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Child Birth Classes